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antique Welsh oak corner dresser

Welsh oak corner dresser of unusually small size, with an open rack over a base of three drawers raised on square legs united by a potboard,

North Pembrokeshire, circa 1780
48" x 32.5" wide, 77.75" high, 16" deep
122 cms x 83 cms wide, 198 cms high, 41 cms deep

Ref: 15307


“Dresel gam i ffitio’r gongol”

Welsh dressers come in a great variety of designs and were produced by local craftsmen for particular positions.  Examples made to fit into corners of kitchens are rarely encountered, although originally they were a feature of a number of farmhouses in the south-west, including the area around Kidwelly.  This exceptionally small example is from the foothills of the Prescelis in Pembrokeshire.

A 19th century poem by a local poet, Llwyd Llundain, describes the dowry of his parents, a farming couple in the Teifi Valley.  Besides a straw chair, meal chest, a bread rack, spoon rack and dairy dresser:

Gyda Mam ‘roedd leinpres dderi
Nhad â’r cwpwrdd cornerl teidi
Dresel gam i ffitio’r gongol
Dyna ran o gelfi’r gwaddol

“My mother owned an oak linen press,
My father a fine corner cupboard
A crooked dresser to fit the corner
They were part of the furniture of the dowry”


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North Pembrokeshire, Circa 1780

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